Job Search Momentum

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New Year, New Dreams, New Opportunities

Did you know the period immediately following New Year’s Day is typically the busiest hiring time of the calendar year?

That’s because many companies are scrambling to fill jobs budgeted from the previous year, and because as new budgets take effect, companies are gearing up to hire.

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9 Simple Solutions to Common Unemployment Problems

In today’s job market, it’s very common for people to be on the job hunt for months at a time.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel your morale slip. At GetFive, we know how important perseverance and a positive attitude are to a successful job hunt. To help get you through this difficult period, here are nine tips to help you stay motivated.

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Achieve Your Goals with a Written Plan

A recent study at Dominican University found that those who are most successful in achieving their goals follow three steps: writing down their goals, sharing their goals with another person, and keeping that person updated on their progress.

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Developing Summer Momentum

The summer months, just like the holidays, are some of the best times to job search. However, it’s easy to get bitten by the summer bug and have your search fall by the wayside. Here are some signs of summer laziness and the things you can do to get your momentum going again. Time Management…

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7 Tips to Embark on a Journey to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship takes skills, grit, and determination. Successfully branching out on your own is difficult no matter the industry, but it is possible, even if you have to break glass ceilings. A few years ago one of the GetFive coaches was invited to moderate a panel of speakers featuring three women who made the transition from the…

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The Truth About Holiday Hiring: Why and How to Kick Your Search Into High Gear

As we wind down the last few weeks of 2017, it’s easy for job hunters to feel a sense of anxiety and succumb to gloom and doom. At GetFive, we remind our members that there are good reasons to stay positive, even in the most difficult of times. If you are ready to give up…

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