Job Search Research (Step One)

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New Year, New Dreams, New Opportunities

Did you know the period immediately following New Year’s Day is typically the busiest hiring time of the calendar year?

That’s because many companies are scrambling to fill jobs budgeted from the previous year, and because as new budgets take effect, companies are gearing up to hire.

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Tips for Successfully Interviewing Across Cultures

Your wanderlust has inspired you to apply for jobs around the world and you've got a few interviews scheduled in some really exciting locations. You know that to ace an interview you need to prepare; however, this becomes difficult when you aren't familiar with the culture. Cultural differences can play a role in interview expectations. From...

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QUIZ! How Well Do You Know GetFive's Approach to the Job Search?

At GetFive, we’re all about applying a proven method to your job search. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the GetFive approach. The questions are at the top; answers at the bottom. Good luck! Questions   What are the four basic techniques to land a meeting in your target market? What...