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Expert Job Search Advice for Introverts

Shy. Awkward. Dislikes people. Indifferent. Being an introvert comes with a lot of negative connotations.   Introversion is commonly misunderstood, particularly by those who are not introverts. Extroverts are energized by being busy with high-intensity activities. They thrive having a full professional and social calendar. For introverts, these situations drain energy, rather than fuel it….

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How Social Media Contacts Can Aid Your Job Hunt

In the past, social media was more known for entertainment purposes and sharing news. But now these platforms, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, are increasingly recognized as important career tools for both job seekers and job recruiters. 92 percent of recruiters have hired people through LinkedIn, the company reports, while 24 percent have used Facebook and…

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6 Ways to Debunk the “No One’s Hiring” Myth

No one claims looking for a job is easy. It requires a lot of work, and most of the time it might seem like you’re stuck in a dead end, going nowhere. It’s easy to despair in these situations and think the entire process is random. But it isn’t. GetFive method, in fact, brings structure…

The 3 Stages of Your Job Search

When you hear the question, “How is your job search going?” you’re likely to answer with a grumbling, “Well, I don’t have a job yet.” But at GetFive, we would never encourage you to answer the question like that. You may not have a job yet, but that doesn’t mean your search isn’t going well….

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Think of Your Job Search as an Ongoing Campaign

Navigating your job search is much like conducting a campaign for yourself. After all, your job search happens in stages. At GetFive, we believe there are two ways of looking at the stages of a job search: 1. Job Search as a Whole Stage 1: In the early days, you are networking, which then leads to…

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Networking in Your Job Search: What To Do When It’s Not Working

Job searching — you’ve been at it for months now, yet you haven’t received any leads. It’s time to rethink your networking strategy. From reaching out to those in your industry to showing up to networking events, it might seem like you’re doing everything right. Networking, however, isn’t just a matter of meeting new people and asking about recent…

How LinkedIn and The TFC Method Work Hand in Hand

By Chip Conlin, GetFive Certified Coach Before the introduction of social networking sites and apps, job seekers relied on friends, family and colleagues for referrals and networking opportunities. But the rise of LinkedIn adds a new dimension to your job search, accelerating you toward that perfect position. GetFive method teaches that networking and direct contact…

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The Solutions to 4 Common Job Search Problems

Networking, social networking, cover letters, resumes, applications … it often seems like the lists of job-search tasks will never end. And with so many pieces to the puzzle, it’s easy to overlook something or skip an important step, causing a problem in your search. If you’re struggling to land that perfect job, GetFive identifies some…

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5 Ways to Combat Stress During the Job Hunt

Financial hardships, a sense of rejection, pressure from friends and family — you know these things all too well if you’re in the middle of a job search. It’s easy to convince yourself that you won’t find a job, but you’ll never get anywhere with a mindset like that.

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The Top 4 Tips to Organize Your Job Search

There’s a good reason why people say job searching is a full-time job in itself. From customizing resumes and filling out applications to juggling multiple interviews and navigating follow-ups, you’re bound to be busy. To limit the chaos and keep on top of everything, it’s essential to stay organized. Disorganization has proven to be devastating…