Successful Job Seekers Grow from Their Mistakes

Almost every job seeker makes a mistake, but GetFive members are in a unique position to identify and learn from their mistakes as they go on to master the methodology and develop a real understanding of what it takes to land a new job.

Here are a few of the most crucial lessons:

Learn to Take Control

Many club members realize they aren’t being aggressive enough in pursuing leads and following up with interviews.

Often, they learn that they need to take control of the meeting and assert, “Here’s who I am; here’s what I can do. Here’s where I understand your organization and what you need in this position I’m applying for, and here’s how I’m going to fit into your organization.”

Change Your Way of Thinking

Too often interviews become a process of answering question and candidates can miss a golden opportunity to share something that sets them apart. Many times this can be a personal tie that connects you to the company’s mission or one of its employees. The point is, it’s important to think on your feet and avoid getting stuck in a single way of thinking.

Get the Right Resume

It’s usually people who have been employed for some time who need the most help with their resume. At GetFive meetings, members are able to listen to feedback and craft an effective resume that gets noticed.

Eventually these lessons add up, and job seekers start seeing real results.

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