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Tattoos and the Job Seeker: The Times Are a Changin’

Traditionally, tattoos were not something to flaunt during an interview. People would carefully cover their ink with cuffed long sleeves, suit jackets, or big bangle jewelry. However, research shows a cultural shift in the hiring process, and it appears that in general having some ink won’t hurt your chances of getting a job.

"Alkmaar, the Netherlands - June 3, 2012: An anonymous person is holding an iPad 3 device with a logon screen of the Linkedin app. Linkedin is a professional social networking website and it has been launched in 2003. Linkedin is mainly used for professional networking purposes, such as job search or company profiles."
Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

Most GetFive members use LinkedIn as a part of their job search. Like like your resume, your LinkedIn profile needs to be continually updated. Your professional experience, education, summary of qualifications, and even your headshot need to be up-to-date. The more information you have about yourself, the more potential contacts will be able to find you and the better you’ll be able to connect with the right person.

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Tips to Refine Your Professional Brand: Online Edition

Whether you’re seeking an entry-level position, looking to make a mid-life career change, or want to go from VP to the C-suite, your professional brand will come into play during a hiring or promotion decision.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, your online reputation must match what you present in your resume and at interviews. If a hiring manager notices discrepancies and questions content online, you’ll likely be removed from the short list.

Problem-Solving: The Solution-Based Method

If you’re like most people, you have no shortage of problems waiting to be solved. And as you try to solve them, you talk, talk, talk about it. There’s something very satisfying about understanding the problem, its causes, and what will fix it. The more we consider, discuss, and come up with ideas on how to solve it, the more we become experts on the problem…

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