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How to Onboard New Leaders During A Crisis


How to Onboard New Executive Leaders During a Crisis, Part 1

You've seen for yourself that 40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months in a new role, and that's in normal times. Onboarding new leaders during a crisis raises the stakes, and the risks, even further.
Our veteran panel, led by John Lawler, CEO of PrimeGeneis, the global authority on executive onboarding, will discuss processes and tips to increase your confidence and effectiveness in onboarding leaders into new roles during a crisis, ensuring success for the executive and their team.  

Conducting Compassionate Layoffs During A Crisis: Best Practices In The Age Of Zoom


Conducting Compassionate Layoffs During A Crisis: Best Practices In The Age Of Zoom

We are all making some tough decisions right now on many fronts. To protect the business and ensure its viability, layoffs may be necessary. But, this situation is anything but normal. Layoffs will need to be communicated virtually - which is unavoidably impersonal. The job market is frozen for an unknown period of time - a terrifying prospect for the affected employees. And, the shape of the recovery is uncertain. If it's V-shaped, you may want/need to reemploy an unusual number of people.One more thing: Glassdoor was in its infancy during the last crisis. Today, with 60 million unique visits a month, it carries a great deal of weight. For all of these reasons, the stakes are high for conducting layoffs well.With the right amount of focus and some buy-in from the top, costly mistakes can easily be avoided. Tune in to this webinar and we'll make sure you are prepared.

How A Successful Partnership Between HR & Operations Drives Success at AWI


How A Successful Partnership Between HR & Operations Drives Success

  • John Lawler, CEO, PrimeGenesis
Panelists included:
  • Ellen Romano, SVP, Human Resources, Armstrong World Industries
  • Aron Gawne, Dir, Architectural Specialties Operations, Armstrong World Industries

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The ROI and Reality of Reskilling

Sorry, this video is no longer available.

  • Michael Leadbetter, CEO, Pivot Factory
  • Jake Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO, General Assembly
  • Kelly Joscelyne, Chief Talent Officer, Mastercard
  • Carla Arellano, Partner, McKinsey & Company

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GetFive’s ‘Take Charge’ Career and Professional Development Series gives you targeted and practical tips designed to help you Take Charge of your career in 30 minutes or less.

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The Best of the Best – The HR Hero of the Year Award

There are exceptional HR professionals out there who are really at the top of their game. Each year we celebrate these HR heroes who are taking risks to elevate the strategic role of human resources, providing outstanding mentorship and volunteerism, and setting an example for showing compassion in employee relations.

There’s a lot to be learned from these professionals — and you may well be one yourself. Find information on the awards and how to make a nomination below.

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5 Steps To Helping Employees Grow Their Careers

One of the most important and rewarding responsibilities of a manager is to help their employees grow their careers. A mark of a strong leader is that they have helped build and develop other leaders over time. This white paper outlines five steps to help you do just that.

8 Steps to Building and Managing a Winning Team

The primary purpose of a manager is to build and manage an effective team. Good managers do this well. Great mangers build winning teams who work together to reach shared stretch goals and support each other in pursuit of those goals.

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