4 Tips for a Successful Summer Campaign

When the mercury rises and the sun shines strong and bright through the long hours of the day, it can be very hard to sit down and look at a computer screen or a piece of paper. Everything can seem like a distraction and a reason not to buckle down, focus, and search for that job.

What’s more, many people drop out of the job hunt because they believe summer is not a good time to look for a job. Contrary to popular belief, companies are hiring during the summer. If they are not, they are selecting who they will hire in the fall.

Can you guess who gets hired in the fall, right as the busy holiday season begins to build up? Those who searched for jobs in the summer, of course!

While your competition sits the warm days out, make summer the time you increase the momentum in your own search.

4 tips for a successful summer campaign

  • Assess where you are in your job search. What’s working and what do you need to do to keep six to 10 prospects or connections in the works?
  • Use your marketing plan to determine how you will meet with people in a position to hire you in each of your target companies. Remember, hiring managers do not take summers off.
  • Network with everyone you can to learn more about your target market.
  • Set goals for the number of people you will meet with each week.
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