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20 Most Common Remote Job Titles

Brie Weiler Reynolds for GetFive Remote work is having a bit of a moment. It’s safe bet that you probably know someone who works remotely at least some of the time. Some people work from home occasionally, enjoying a casual remote work policy from their employers. Others have more formalized policies and work remotely either part or all of the time. And more employers are offering remote jobs. According to...

Friend or Foe? How Your Social Media Activity can Impact Your Job Search

Nearly every superhero movie has a pivotal moment in which the hero or heroine realizes super powers can be a force for good or an implement of evil. When you’re hunting for a job, social media use can have exactly the same kind of life-altering impact on your search. Smart social media use can build your personal brand in the eyes of potential employers, and imprudent social media activities can...

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How to Turn That Rejection Into a Job Offer

No one relishes the idea of being rejected, personally or professionally. While you can’t do much (and probably shouldn’t) to convince a person who declined a date that you’re a real catch, it is possible to change the mind of a rejection-inclined hiring manager. What’s more, turning a rejection into a job offer can benefit your career in ways beyond just landing your next job. In order to turn things...

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How to Request a Raise and Actually Get It

Feel it's time for a raise? There are many ways to approach your boss about a pay increase. Some people are tempted to take the less-than-honest route by including little white lies or adopting other manners of manipulation. However, not only is this unethical, it can end up costing you your job. You stand a better chance of getting a pay raise when you ask correctly and with honesty. Here...

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How To Make the Most of Your 401(k)

Creating a long-term, successful career is about more than just getting the perfect job - it's also about managing your personal finances. At GetFive, we're big believers in planning ahead for long term success, and one of the most important parts of that is building a retirement fund and 401(k). This may seem like a mysterious topic to you, but we've got you covered - here are our tips on...

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How to Find a Job When You're Relocating

New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, or Washington, D.C.? Relocating to these cities — or anywhere else in the country — can make for an exciting opportunity. You’ll have the chance to live a new lifestyle, move into a new house, make new friends and enjoy new experiences.But to make the most of your new location, there’s one more thing you have to figure out: Where are you going to work?...

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Job Search Tips So Simple You Might Forget Them

Sometimes the most obvious job search actions are also the easiest ones to forget. The GetFive career coaches say it's important to take a step back to the basics to ensure you don't overlook important elements of a successful job hunt. Here are five job search tips so shockingly simple, you may forget to do them: Mirror the Job Description You spend hours refining your resume until you think it is perfect,...


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