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Benefits of Having a Job Search Partner

It’s easier to reach your goals when you work with another person. Think about it: If you want to commit to a workout routine it’s easier if you have a partner, same if you want to start a business. There are countless other examples. Even for introverts, going at it alone just isn’t as effective as when you have another person there to support you. This is especially true when...

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How to Get Promoted to a Manager Position Without Management Experience

You're hungry to advance your career and the perfect opportunity has presented itself. It would move you into management and allow you to supervise a team. The problem is that while you have plenty of industry experience, you don't have any direct managerial experience. What do you do? This is a chicken-versus-egg scenario for the working professional. What comes first: the management position or the management experience? Furthermore, how do...

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How to Transform Military Experience for Your Resume

Working in the military provides many unique experiences that enhance your skill set, but it's often specific to the branch of military where you work. When it’s time to transition into the civilian world, it might seem impossible to translate these experiences to catch the eye of a hiring manager. With a little effort you can translate your military experience into compelling resume content and interview fodder so you stand out...

painful interview
Interviewing Tips for Those Painful Questions

What are your strengths? What's your greatest career accomplishment? What are your career goals? If you think these are tough interview questions, you're in for a big surprise. These are what most career coaches consider basic questions and every job seeker should be able to answer them with a near flawless response. So what happens when the interviewer throws you a curve ball? What happens if they ask you about a...

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4 Tips to Achieve Phone Interview Success

More and more hiring managers are using phone screenings or interviews as the first step of the hiring process. Many view phone screening as an efficient way to narrow down the applicant pool. Instead of wasting an hour-long interview time slot, they can get the initial information and interaction they need from a brief phone call.


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