Executive Outplacement Services

For C-level executive transitions, there is nothing quite like the Prestige Plan.

  • Delivering the right meetings
  • Actively-managed internet presence
  • Elite, high-impact coaching

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Executive Outplacement Services

The Prestige Plan for C-Level Executives recognizes the evolution of executive job search and the changing transitional needs of the executive.

Executives require high-impact coaching from true C-level qualified coaches. They want a proven approach to delivering the right meetings with private equity, venture capital, board members and other CEOs.  They value strategic, high quality advice from a trusted, confidential advisor. They appreciate the artisanship of our elite-level resume writers and the professionalism and accountability of our elite-level coaching team. 

In the current environment, it is our elite level internet presence & reputation management services that may be the most valued service of all. For executives, a strong and favorable internet presence is crucial. And, that’s exactly what the executive’s hands-on team delivers.

Features like the Executive Recruiter Connection, PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding Consultations, and the exclusive Board Seat Advisor workshop program are highly valued as well.

Prestige Plan Features

The Prestige Plan starts with Elite Level resume writing, a full year of unlimited one-on-one executive career coaching and G5 Hub access.
Plus, these value-added features are included or available:

  • Internet Presence & Reputation Management (see details below)
  • PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding Consultation
  • Executive Recruiter Connection
  • Board Seat Advisor*
  • Virtual Assistant*
  • Office Space*

The Importance of Trust At The Executive Level

Establishing trust with the executive is essential to a successful engagement.

Every aspect of our approach has been designed with this in mind. We want the executive to know right from the start that our firm is a professional services firm that prides itself on its high standards, strong track record and its focus on the needs of the client.

1:1 Onboarding

Our onboarding process begins with a one-on-one conversation with a GetFive professional. There are no group orientation calls. Each participant who goes through our onboarding process is hand matched with a Certified Coach to ensure compatibility.

Elite Coach Match

Our custom coach-matching process reviews the background, accomplishments and goals of each executive referred to us. The right match means our executive participants see their coach as a strategic advisor, not just someone that might help with a resume.

Establishing Trust

Experience has taught us that executives desire a coach whose background is similar to theirs. When the executive can connect with the coach using the language of their industry, it reinforces the basis for trust.

“The GetFive organization is very professional and very responsive. Most of all, I appreciated the ability to have a truly strategic conversation with my executive coach. I think that part of being a successful executive is knowing how valuable high quality coaching can be.”

– Financial Technology Executive

“As I planned my exit, I knew two things. I wasn’t done, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Second, I hadn’t looked for a job in 24 years, and I knew I would need some assistance. GetFive’s top down approach to executive transitions proved to be exactly what I needed.”

– Software Industry Executive

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Executive Outplacement Services

In addition to the Prestige Plan for C-Level Executives, GetFive offers a plan to suit every executive need. For more information on the full range of executive outplacement options, please click below or call us.

Executive Internet Presence Management

A strong and favorable internet presence is crucial.

For executives in transition, maintaining visibility can be challenging. With the Prestige Plan, executives work with their elite-level team to create a content strategy. Once the team understands the voice of the executive, it will produce regular content for social media, to ensure the executive’s consistent visibility.

Reputation management is another important objective. C-Level executives are public figures, who attract their fair share of criticism. Unfortunately, not all of the criticism is fair. Here again, the executive’s hands-on team will do the heavy lifting associated with actively managing search results, suppressing inaccurate and malicious content.

Optimizing one’s online presence requires a sustained effort on social media platforms and in managing Google search results. The executive’s hands-on team will deliver the following and more:

  • Personal Branding Strategy Session
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Cleanup
  • Search Results Management (Pushing Up Positive Links and Suppressing Damaging Content)
  • Custom Content Strategy
  • Monthly Content Pieces Reflecting the Executive’s Expertise
GetFive Executive Outplacement Services
Meet A Variety Of Needs

The context for executive outplacement can vary widely from performance-related actions to economic considerations to mergers. Perhaps nowhere is the planning for exiting executives more critical than in M&A negotiations.
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Coaching Matters

Insert your favorite sports or business metaphor. You know it’s true.

One of the things that truly sets us apart is the diversity of our coaches. We have worked for many years to build an internal roster of coaches whose backgrounds range well beyond the traditional HR-to-career-coaching track. Our coaches are former finance, marketing, IT and sales executives and senior management consultants. More about their impressive credentials can be seen below.


of GetFive Coaches are trained in professional resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, the
5-Step Method and our proprietary assessments.


have certified executive coach training from highly regarded institutions, including NYU and Columbia


are trained in other leading career and leadership assessments including MBTI, DiSC, Birkman, and Hogan.


have higher education degrees, including Masters, MBA, JD, and PhD.


GetFive coaches in 14 diverse languages including: Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Unique Approach to Executive Resume Writing

Part of the success of our award-winning solution is a unique approach to resume and professional bio writing that positions the executive for a strategic result. We don’t offshore such an important process. The messages are built collaboratively to bring out the best that the executive has to offer in a modern and professional way.

LinkedIn profile building and updating is conducted in very much the same way. Following the 5-Step Method™, the foundational messages that are developed for the resume are also employed in the LinkedIn profile and professional pitch.

Our LinkedIn training resources are extensive. However, this is an area where our high-touch approach is critical. Our coaches meet their executives at their level, ensuring that they understand the role and importance of the prominent social media tools and that they develop and implement a strategy that is right for them.

The 5-Step Method

Our research-based method guides job seekers back to career success in record time.

The G5 Hub

Our suite of digital tools makes job searching more efficient than ever!

Our Team of Experts

Participants see their coach as strategic adviser, not just a resume editor

GetFive Executive Outplacement Services
Can Seal The Deal On Critical Hires

For critical new hires, including executive outplacement in an offer letter can make a strong statement. As prospects consider their options, your upfront commitment to their long term success in the unlikely event things don’t work out down the road speaks volumes about your culture and why you are the employer of choice.
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