Career Satisfaction

5 Questions to Ask When You’ve Lost Your Passion for Work

Do something you love and you won’t work a day in your life. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard but one that rarely applies to the real world. Even jobs you initially adored grow bland over time. Maybe you’re not challenged. Maybe it’s too stressful. Maybe there’s too much corporate red tape. Maybe you’re just over the industry and crave something new.

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My Take: Your Place of Employment Is an Important Community

If you think about all the time you spend with your colleagues, you will often discover you log more hours with them each week than you do any other person, even your spouse and children. This isn’t necessarily a negative, as coworkers can serve as a pseudo second family. Of course there’s work to be done,…

Employee quiting his job by throwing away business briefcase bag and tie leaving all other boring workers behind. Vector artwork depicts the pursuit of happiness.
Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Resignation

Do you dream of proclaiming “I quit!” to your boss, much like you see in the movies? If you’re miserable at work, it’s definitely time to take stock. You shouldn’t jump to a resignation, however, without a lot of reflection and level-headed thinking. Before drafting your letter, honestly answer these important questions to ensure you’re…