Leaving A Job

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Before Pocketing $5K, Ask Yourself These Important Relocation Questions

Small communities are getting creative and opening their pocketbooks to solve their severe labor shortage woes. Hamilton, Ohio, is doling out $5,000 for student loan debt to young workers who move there. Grant County, Indiana, is offering $5,000 to people buying a home. And North Platte, Indiana, isn’t messing around: $10,000 to anyone who moves there for…

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Bridging the Gap: 6 Steps to Manage Change with Ease

In our modern, digital age, it’s hard to keep up with the innovation and change in both the workplace and in one’s own personal life. As such, adaptability and the opportunity to create and recreate your professional identity has become one of the most important qualities a person can have. Adapting means the willingness to…

10 Ways to Test the Waters Before Diving Into a New Career

The alarman jump diving from pier into seam blares as you struggle to blink open your eyes for another routine morning. You’ll head into the same job you’ve worked at in the same old industry for the last 20 or more years. It used to be your passion, but now it’s just bland. You often feel empty and spend your day dreaming of something more than just a paycheck.

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Transitioning in an Industry in Transition

When Lauren was laid off from her position at a prominent news magazine, she came up against a major job search obstacle: her age. Striving for a fresh start while others her age were preparing for retirement was a unique challenge. To raise the hurdle that much higher, Lauren was targeting the publishing industry, which continues to…

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Thinking of Moving to a Direct Competitor? What You Need to Know to Navigate Muddy Waters

You’ve found a job at a direct competitor of your current employer. Whether it’s for better pay, job security or career growth, this common scenario can be tricky sometimes. You must be thoughtful about how you handle the situation because it could define your professional reputation or jeopardize your future entirely. Take these steps to…

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7 Secrets to Surviving a Job Loss

No matter how skilled or how advanced you are in your career, no one is immune from being laid off. If your company downsizes and you are left without a job, you need to take proactive measures to get back into the workforce. With these seven fundamental rules for surviving your job loss, you can implement a strategy for…

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How to Win at Getting Fired

The movies often make getting fired look funny, like it’s no big deal, even ultimately uplifting, as everything works out Jerry Maguire-style in the end. Getting fired in real life; however, looks and feels very different. When it happens to you, all you really want to do is survive with your dignity intact and minimize…

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6 Signs that Answer the Career Question “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

The guys from The Clash aren’t the only ones to have ever asked “Should I stay or should I go?” But while it may be fine for Climbing young adult with map and compassa rock group to let someone else answer that question, when you’re weighing whether to stay in your job or seek a new one, the decision is often entirely up to you. A job change isn’t always the result of being fired, laid off, or down-sized, and the desire to leave a job usually builds over time.