Work-life Balance

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Upcoming Vacation? 8 Steps to Prep Your Job So You can Truly Unplug

Does pulling long hours at work have you dreaming of escaping it all and finally taking a well-deserved vacation? You’re not alone. However, millions of U.S. workers skip vacation days every year. Often it’s simply more work to prepare for and recover from an absence than to actually take the time off. In fact, reports show…

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My Take: Your Place of Employment Is an Important Community

If you think about all the time you spend with your colleagues, you will often discover you log more hours with them each week than you do any other person, even your spouse and children. This isn’t necessarily a negative, as coworkers can serve as a pseudo second family. Of course there’s work to be done,…

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5 Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance Without Jeopardizing Your Career

If your work-life balance lately feels a lot more like work-work, it may be time to make some changes. Maybe you’ve already started thinking of ways you can restore the balance, but as you do so, have you experienced that nagging fear that you may jeopardize your career? The short answer is that it shouldn’t in any way; the honest answer, however, is that you still should be smart about it.

The Simple Things in Life

Most of us spend a great deal of our time thinking about our professional lives. Our thoughts range from “what can I do to better myself in my current job?” to “what can I do to earn that next promotion?” Others ask the more basic question: “how do I just get my next job?” The job of…