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My Take: Your Place of Employment Is an Important Community

If you think about all the time you spend with your colleagues, you will often discover you log more hours with them each week than you do any other person, even your spouse and children. This isn’t necessarily a negative, as coworkers can serve as a pseudo second family. Of course there’s work to be done,…

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How HR Can Sensitively, Confidentially and Effectively Handle Employee Depression

You’re feeling pretty down when your boss comes over to your desk. You perk up trying to give the impression you’re happy and being productive. When she asks how you’re doing, you give the typical “good, thanks” response. You want her to think you are the picture-perfect positive employee, of course. Everyone has tough days….

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The Difference Between Good and Bad Office Gossip

Does the word “gossip” conjure images of teenage girls huddled together whispering? Or perhaps in this modern age, a shared group text with a rumor about another student? Sure, gossip has a notorious reputation for being part of adolescence, but it doesn’t stop after graduation. In fact, the office is one of the most prevalent places for gossip mills to thrive.

Work with a Difficult Manager? These 3 Steps Will Help Improve the Situation

Do you work with a difficult manager? One that never crosses the harassment line, but is just generally unpleasant? From using offensive language to tearing people down, a boss that repulses you can make your professional life miserable. What can you do if you hate the person who commands your workdays? Consider these three steps to try…

How to Manage Workplace Politics

Office politics bring to mind brown-nosing, cronyism, conflicting personalities and general conniving and unnecessary drama. But politics are a part of any organizational structure. How to negotiate a hierarchy, make your ideas heard and your accomplishments known are activities at the heart of what it means to “play politics.” While there are many instances where politics can turn…

Handling Conflict at Work

In Greek the word utopia literally means no place. For us it means paradise, a place of bliss and peace, but the irony was probably intended: there is no place without worries, problems and conflict. So, in this life no one has discovered or established utopia. Escaping conflict is not an option. We have all…