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What Is Outplacement?

Losing your job is devastating. For an employee, it’s not just lost income, it’s losing an identity and community of colleagues. Worrying about the logical next step can feel overwhelming. Letting workers go is an unpleasant experience for managers, too. However, they can take steps to make layoffs as positive an experience as possible. Termination…

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Is Your Open Office Plan Killing Productivity? Tips to Lessen Visual Noise

Open office settings have taken over corporate America over the last decade. In fact, about 70 percent of U.S. offices have no or low partitions, according to the International Facility Management Association. Silicon Valley has been the leader in this trend, touting that lack of walls increases collaboration, creativity, and innovation. And after all, who wouldn’t want…

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3 Mistakes HR Makes When Creating Anti-Harassment Policies

anti harassment policyHarassment headlines hit newsfeeds on a weekly basis. For example, accusations about Hollywood elite like Harvey Weinstein were quickly followed by a host of other big entertainment names that continue to drip into newsfeeds today. Not confined to the entertainment industry, harassment can happen at any time and at any place of work. This is the…

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A Call to Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment in 2018

Harvey Weinstein. Ben Affleck. Russell Simmons. Kevin Spacey. Matt Lauer. Al Franken. President Donald Trump. Those are just a handful of names from fourth quarter 2017 of powerful people connected to sexual scandal. Time magazine even named “The Silence Breakers” as the 2017 Person of the Year, at least partially thanks to the viral #metoo movement, where people…

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GetFive Names Its 2018 HR Hero Award Recipients

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — GetFive, a provider of modern outplacement solutions, named its 2018 HR Hero Award Recipients at a breakfast reception at the CUNY Graduate Center on January 26th. The annual award recognizes four HR professionals for their outsized contributions to their organizations and communities. The four award recipients were selected from a long list of…

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Important Ban-the-Box Updates for 2018

When vetting candidates for employment, you probably will conduct some type of check into their criminal history. In fact, your application may have a simple checkbox asking this very basic question. While common practice, you may have to modify your application in the near future. “Ban the box” is a movement to remove the checkbox…

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HR in 2018: These 5 Factors Will Change the Way You Work

There is a lot to look forward to for human resources in 2018. In an agile industry that seems to change faster with each passing year, 2018 brings many new opportunities to refine your skills and strengthen your results. Here are five factors that we are most excited about: 1. Ongoing Performance Management Annual performance…

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Technology Allows HR Departments to Do More, Spend Less

When you review the past decade, no factor has influenced human resources more than technology. What’s more, the rate of technological change appears to be accelerating with each passing year. If you’re looking to do more with less, it’s time to consider HR technology opportunities. World-class HR organizations spend 25 percent less than average HR…

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How HR Can Sensitively, Confidentially and Effectively Handle Employee Depression

You’re feeling pretty down when your boss comes over to your desk. You perk up trying to give the impression you’re happy and being productive. When she asks how you’re doing, you give the typical “good, thanks” response. You want her to think you are the picture-perfect positive employee, of course. Everyone has tough days….

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Facts and the First Amendment: Freedom of Speech at Work

We live in a time when politics and personal opinion are polarizing the nation. Last year’s presidential election was unlike any other in history. Then came the Women’s March in D.C., the demonstrations in Charlottesville, and the #GoogleManifesto. This year the topic of standing versus kneeling during the national anthem dominated news headlines. No matter your…

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Huge Financial Benefits For Companies That Offer Telecommuting

Telecommuting has been in the headlines recently, as several large companies have begun to pull their remote workforce back into the office. While the reasoning is likely complex, it’s caused a lot of employees to go from satisfied to disgruntled. Telecommuting and flexible scheduling are employee benefits in high demand. Outside of salary, telecommuting is one…

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From the CEO’s Desk: Is the Future Full of Flash Organizations?

As the gig economy grows, an important offshoot of this movement is gaining momentum: the flash organization. These pop-up shops come together for one purpose, such as developing and marketing an app. They include entire teams that work closely together, and when the project is complete, they disband. Flash organizations are fueled by the gig…

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4 Ways Companies Can Be Proactive About The Gender Pay Gap

The companies of Silicon Valley tout being some of the most progressive and forward-thinking organizations in the world. However, when it comes to the gender pay gap, it might be all lip service. According to Inc., Salesforce, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google are among the Silicon Valley companies that say they have no gap. Yet the recent U.S. Department of Labor investigation into…

Top Trends in Employee Benefits

HR professionals from coast to coast are crunching their benefits numbers and creatively brainstorming to come up with new solutions to attract and retain talent. Many industries and locations faced recruiting challenges and skills shortages last year that have seeped into 2017. Salary is just one tool to attract talent. A noteworthy benefits package can…

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From the CEO’s Desk: If Your Job Survived the Great Recession, Will It Be Around in Another 10 Years?

Between December 2007 and June 2009, America experienced its worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Millions of people lost their jobs and homes. More saw their savings crumble. Recovery from the Great Recession has been slow but steady in many sectors. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, gross domestic product and job…

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From the CEO’s Desk: Is This the End of the Remote Worker? Thoughts on the Future of Telecommuting

  IBM recently made a sweeping change that has everyone talking, from HR pros to job hunters alike: U.S.-based remote employees are getting called back to the office. For decades the company has pioneered remote working strategies and has been a model for other organizations to follow when implementing their own telecommuting policies. What’s more, IBM makes software that supposedly supports…

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