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My Take: The BoA $20 Minimum Wage Gamble

Just after Amazon called upon its competitors to raise their minimum wage to $15 (and got some pushback about not paying taxes in return), Bank of America has done one better, announcing yesterday it’s raising its minimum wage to $20 per hour in the next two years and freezing healthcare cost increases for its lower-paid…

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My Take: The Secret of Creating Greater Employee Engagement

In this job market, where a new position is waiting for your best (and even mediocre) employees around every corner, retention is the Holy Grail. Hiring is difficult enough, but keeping your good people happy on the job? It can be a mysterious quest for HR. Two articles in the news lately got us thinking…

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Career Management: ROI? How About ROP? Return on Potential

Everyone in HR has been so focused on ROI, the holy grail for getting buy-in from higher-ups on everything from a new learning management system to the latest AI technology for routine HR tasks, that it’s easy to overlook there’s another powerful “RO” out there — Return on Potential. By shifting your mindset from ROI…

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