10 Ways to Test the Waters Before Diving Into a New Career

The alarman jump diving from pier into seam blares as you struggle to blink open your eyes for another routine morning. You’ll head into the same job you’ve worked at in the same old industry for the last 20 or more years. It used to be your passion, but now it’s just bland. You often feel empty and spend your day dreaming of something more than just a paycheck.

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4 Clues to Tapping the Hidden Job Market

Unadvertised jobs are a hidden job market that account for an estimated 80 percent of all hires, according to one Forbes report. That means if you rely only on traditional, visible channels for your job search, you’re likely seeing just 20 percent of all the jobs you may actually be eligible for. In short, you’re…

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3 Questions You Must Ask If You Get Fired or Laid Off

It’s a company merger and a warning of upcoming layoffs. It’s that unexpected request for a meeting in your boss’s office. It’s entering a room and having the HR director ask you to sit down. Gulp. No one wants to be in the position of losing their job, but if you find yourself there, it’s important to…

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Problem-Solving: The Solution-Based Method

If you’re like most people, you have no shortage of problems waiting to be solved. And as you try to solve them, you talk, talk, talk about it. There’s something very satisfying about understanding the problem, its causes, and what will fix it. The more we consider, discuss, and come up with ideas on how to solve it, the more we become experts on the problem…

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The 8-Word Message: Make Sure Your Bosses Know How Good You Are

You go to work and complete your tasks day in and day out, but have you ever wondered if your boss or manager truly sees your potential? If upper management is ignoring your skills and knowledge, you’ll may begin to feel frustrated or unsatisfied in your position. Make sure your senior knows what you want them to know, and you can improve your chances of getting ahead. Fortunately, doing so can be as simple as an Eight-Word Message strategy.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Tips for Letting People Go

Becoming unemployed is one of the greatest traumas of life, so there seems to be a very common desire to soften the blow when terminating an employee. You’ve heard all the euphemisms before, “We have to let you go,” “the job was eliminated,” “we’re downsizing,” but no matter the situation or phrases you choose, the person is still out of a job. And as an HR professional, your job is to do whatever you can to help them get back into the workforce.

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4 Important Ways to Succeed in Your New Job

You wrote a captivating cover letter, aced the interview and got the job. Congratulations! But now is when the real nerves start to kick in. With an abundance of new faces to learn, information to absorb and challenges to tackle, starting a new job can be one of life’s most stressful events. While you may have a short grace period for getting up to speed, it’s important to show your commitment to succeeding in your position.

Thinking of Starting a Business? Start With The Seven Stories Exercise®

Roughly 15 percent of the people who come to GetFive seeking career guidance and coaching end up starting their own businesses or become consultants. This is due to the fact they have taken the time to review their career path and future goals via GetFive’s Seven Stories Exercise® and have completed the Forty-Year Vision®,  all apart…

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