You go to work and complete your tasks day in and day out, but have you ever wondered if your boss or manager truly sees your potential? If upper management is ignoring your skills and knowledge, you’ll may begin to feel frustrated or unsatisfied in your position. Make sure your senior knows what you want them to know, and you can improve your chances of getting ahead. Fortunately, doing so can be as simple as an Eight-Word Message strategy.

Most people miss everyday opportunities to spread a little information about themselves. An Eight-Word Message is a quick blurb snuck into casual conversation to inform your coworkers and managers all that you’ve been accomplishing at work. It’s not enough to just do a good job; you need to make sure those more senior than you know about it. Managing the message they receive about you is critical to your success.

For example, Ralph used to be the head of a marketing department before he joined a new organization. He’s in a position now with less responsibility, but he is doing a great job. His new management, however, doesn’t always remember his broader background and that he could be contributing much more. While Ralph could write a memo or request a formal meeting to remind his manager of his skills, an Eight-Word Message strategy involves much less risk. In casual conversation with his division head, Ralph comments, “The energy in this place is terrific. It reminds me of my last company.” When the conversation continues, he reminds his boss that he was, in fact, the head of marketing at his old company.

Start your Eight-Word Message strategy by coming up with a list of six to ten people who are senior to you at your company. These are the people to consider when you have an important message to get across. Decide what message you want to send and where you need to direct it. Remember you are working to promote yourself, not undermine your boss or co-workers. Take the right steps to manage and grow your own career.





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