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Bot busting! How to spot an ATS

There are a lot of nuances to modern job searching. If you’ve filled out an online application recently, you’ve probably noticed things look and feel a lot different than they did even just five years ago. That’s because most hiring managers utilize software called an applicant tracking system. With some strategic steps, the ATS can…

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Job Search Tips So Simple You Might Forget Them

Sometimes the most obvious job search actions are also the easiest ones to forget. The GetFive career coaches say it’s important to take a step back to the basics to ensure you don’t overlook important elements of a successful job hunt. Here are five job search tips so shockingly simple, you may forget to do them: Mirror…

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Resume with Keywords for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

You want your resume to be found online, for it to move past applicant tracking systems and land in front of the decision makers who will hire you for your dream job. To do so, it’s critical to fine-tune your copy and make use of important keywords. This will optimize your resume for search engines and other systems so it stands out among the competition.