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Resume Insight: Process- vs. Project-Oriented Accomplishments

March 19, 2019
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Being able to list your accomplishments in a compelling and memorable way on your resume is an important part of catching a hiring manager’s eye. However, this is often easier said than done.

Accomplishment statements are short, measurable, and results-focused. Start by writing down your most recent position. State your title and your company name, and list your accomplishments in that position. Rather than ranking them chronologically, rank them in the order of interest to the reader.

Keep in mind, some people are project-oriented and others are process-oriented. Neither is better than the other, but how you word your accomplishments will be based on this type of categorization.

Project-oriented professionals

If you are project-oriented, you tend to take whatever is assigned to you, break it into projects in your mind, and then get those projects done. You like to solve problems. Your accomplishments will state the problems you faced, how you solved them, and the impact you had on the organization.

A project-oriented accomplishment could look like: Designed and directed a comprehensive and cost-effective advertising and sales promotion program that established the company as a major competitor in the market.

Process-oriented professionals

If you are process-oriented, you like to run the day-to-day shop. You can be trusted to keep an existing situation running smoothly, and your accomplishments will reflect that. You like stable situations and systems that work. You will state that you ran a department of a certain number of people for so many years.

A process-oriented accomplishment could look like: Conducted ongoing reviews of market performance of investor-owned utility securities, using multiple equity valuation techniques. Recommended redirection of portfolio mix to more profitable and higher-quality securities.

Developing your list of accomplishments

You’ll continue to work through this process for each position you want to highlight on your resume. If you’re having trouble, it’s beneficial to work with a GetFive career coach who can help you with the Seven Stories Exercise, a powerful activity that will immediately help you better understand yourself and your attributes. For professionals that have completed this exercise, the achievements that should be highlighted on their resume become readily apparent.

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