How to Present the Perfect Amount of Ambition in Job Interviews

It’s important to have the ideal amount of confidence when job hunting and interviewing. If you can show you believe in yourself, and you have passion and skills to boot, you’re sure to capture the attention of the hiring managers. However, just like the delicate tasting notes must mix well to create the perfect glass of wine, it’s all a balancing act. Go overboard with your confidence and the result might be the interpersonal equivalent of sour grapes.

Interview confidence is more art than science. Cross a line, and your confidence will be quickly perceived as arrogance. Your goal is to find the “confidently likable” sweet spot that conveys you’re trustworthy and approachable. These four simple tricks can help you achieve the perfect level of interview confidence. After your meeting is a smashing success, feel free to celebrate with a glass of that varietal you’ve been saving.

Don’t just talk about yourself

Why do you want to work for this company? Why do you want this job?

These are two of the most common interview questions, and often this conversation leads to a plethora of “I” statements. It’s important, though, to add more to the conversation than just what’s in it for you. The entire interview should be a two-way street or it’s going to be a red flag for the interviewer. For example, you can state that you want the job because of advancement opportunities, but also note that you’re excited you can make a real difference in process efficiency based on your past experiences.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is important to convey during interviews because it shows integrity. When you’re likeable and confident, you’ll be able to talk about your strongest attributes as well as your flaws. That means answering questions about your weaknesses honestly. Interviewers are quite familiar with the trick of posing a flaw that can be flipped into positive. Don’t be the candidate who annoys them with those shenanigans.

Provide proof through examples

If you go to an interview and state you’re great at a dozen different things, it’s meaningless. If you go to an interview and back your strength statements with clear examples that demonstrate how you applied those skills in the real world, you’ll show you’re the real deal. Think about scenarios ahead of the interview so you can refer to important experiences without missing a beat. These examples give proof of your achievements and show you’re confident that you can replicate the results in a new position.

Ask questions and take notes

Come prepared with questions you have about the job responsibilities, company culture and performance expectations. An engaging conversation will show you’re genuinely interested. If you don’t ask any questions, it signals you either don’t really care or you’re overly confident. Either way, you won’t make it to the next round.

Finally, note verbal and non-verbal cues throughout the interview. If the interviewer seems agitated or annoyed at any time, switch up your approach. You may need to shorten your answers, focus your questions, listen more or lay off the hand gestures. Be aware and make subtle adjustments if necessary to reinforce your confidence and ability to do the job.

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