Most Important Developments in HR for the Week of October 27th

Change Management is Becoming Increasingly Data-Driven: Companies Aren’t Ready

Predictive models for organizational change management aren’t in use yet, but analysts recommend firms start implementing real-time employee opinion tools; use social media analytics for insights into what employees and other stakeholders are discussing; capture reference data about how employee teams are working together; employ data-driven methods to choose candidates for senior roles and build dashboards to maintain info about company leadership teams. Harvard Business Review

The New New Thing: Blockchains and Recruiting

Blockchain will soon be used to verify candidate and employer credentials, and Indeed’s parent company Recruit Holdings is working to develop blockchain-based certificates of authority for resumes. To hire freelancers, Chronobank is developing a blockchain-based platform employers can use to find workers, review performances, set prices, manage contracts and make payments using tokens. ERE

Where’s the VP of HR? The Changing Role — and Titles — of Human Resources

In what’s called a “seismic shift,” HR departments are becoming more people-centric. Changes include better strategies due to technology tools; greater roles as employee resource centers; more investments geared toward improving employee experience and more competitive mindsets due to the labor shortage. HR Dive

Fast-Growing Businesses Don’t Need Tax Relief to Hire. They Need Trained Workers

Entrepreneur argues high-paying jobs requiring technical skills as well as jobs in hospitality, construction and healthcare are going unfilled, hindering business growth more than high business taxes. The Catch-22: Rapidly expanding firms lack time to train. Washington Post

Why You Can’t Trust AI to Make Unbiased Hiring Decisions

New tech companies promise to remove biases from hiring with tools incorporating artificial intelligence. But the author argues algorithms are as infallible as the humans who create them, and the biases can get worse over time if a tool isn’t “trained” correctly. Motto 

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