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Most Important Developments in HR for April 5th


If you’re interested in the future of work, check out HBR’s new podcast, Exponential View, in which technology visionary Azeem Azhar, whose work has been profiled in The Economist, Financial Times, MIT Technology Review, and other publications, takes his popular newsletter of the same name into the podcastverse. He goes deep in conversation with leading thinkers about how AI and other exponential technologies are transforming businesses, the political economy, and our society. In the first episode he talks disruptive innovation with Cathie Wood, the CEO and CIO of ArkInvest. Fascinating stuff. Harvard Business Review

Something’s going on at Goldman Sachs. Last month we learned they’re abandoning their famously buttoned-up culture and going all business casual, and now this, excerpted from a post on LinkedIn this week by Dane Holmes, head of human capital management for GS: “Neurodiversity covers a wide variety of neurological differences, including autism. Unemployment for those on the autism spectrum runs as high as 80%, a perplexing statistic considering research shows they often have higher IQs and levels of attention to detail and productivity compared to neurotypical individuals. This is a missed opportunity for employers and society. We’re proud to announce the launch of the Goldman Sachs Neurodiversity Hiring Initiative, a paid internship program for people who identify as neurodiverse. The program aims to empower and integrate neurodiverse people into the workforce and give individuals an opportunity to bring their unique strengths and skills to our workplace.” LinkedIn

This is one of the most provocative, lucidly written books I’ve read on work, by a renowned thought leader and an influential talent executive. Be prepared to throw your strategic plan out the window and become well-lopsided instead of well-rounded.” – Adam Grant. Marcus Buckingham

Just in time for Equal Pay Day last Tuesday (a date chosen to symbolize how far into the year a woman must work in order to make what a man did the year before) a new poll from SurveyMonkey and Time magazine shows that it’s not just a pay gap. A significant belief gap exists when it comes to the issue of equal pay. According to the poll of 8,566 American adults conducted in March, nearly half of men (46%) believe that the pay gap “is made up to serve a political purpose,” rather than being a “legitimate issue.” And about a quarter of men ages 18 to 34 (24%) say that media reports of men and women being paid unequally are “fake news,” one option provided in the poll. Time

As websites and apps that let employees anonymously vent their frustrations expand to include additional features and users, HR managers need to be proactive about handling these negative comments, experts say. Message boards that let a worldwide community of workers share their experiences have matured over the last decade. Glassdoor, which was launched in 2008, boasts that its site has generated nearly 47 million reviews and insights from employees on more than 900,000 companies in 190 countries. And each month, about 64 million unique users, on average, use Glassdoor’s desktop and mobile platforms. When Japanese firm Recruit Holdings (which owns Indeed, the world’s biggest jobs site) bought Glassdoor last year for $1.2 billion, the purchase reflected the value of a jobs and recruiting website where job seekers can read company reviews to learn whether a company has a toxic workplace culture, good-paying jobs, or an attractive benefits program. SHRM

Recognizing HR professionals for outsized contributions to their organizations and communities. GetFive, a leading provider of modern outplacement and career management solutions, named its 2019 HR Hero Award Recipients today. The annual award recognizes HR professionals in four categories for their outsized contributions to their organizations and communities.“The HR Hero Award tradition began back in 2006 and it has gotten stronger each year, thanks to the support of the HR community. It is a privilege to honor these amazing individuals,” said CEO Darren Kimball. GetFive

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