QUIZ! How Well Do You Know GetFive’s Approach to the Job Search?

At GetFive, we’re all about applying a proven method to your job search. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the GetFive approach. The questions are at the top; answers at the bottom.

Good luck!


  1. What are the four basic techniques to land a meeting in your target market?
  2. What three elements constitute a job target?
  3. Can “not-for-profit” be considered a “target?”
  4. What should your targets be broken down into?
  5. True or false: Most people start out with targets that are too small.
  6. True or false: It is best to target retrenching markets with organizations and industries that are redefining themselves.
  7. Ideally, how many positions should be on your target list? (Remember, positions are different than openings.)


  1. The four techniques are: 1) contacting search firms, 2) answering ads, 3) networking into an organization by using someone else’s name, and 4) contacting organizations directly.
  2. The three elements of a job target are: 1) industry or organization size, 2) the kind of position you want in that industry, and 3) the geographic areas in which you wish to work.
  3. No. “Not-for-profit” is too broad. Break this down into sub-targets.
  4. Sub-targets.
  5. True. Most people need to think bigger!
  6. False. Now and in the future, there will be fewer jobs in retrenching markets. It will be more difficult to get hired, more difficult to stay, and more difficult to get promoted.
  7. To get a job within a reasonable time frame you should make a list of 200 potential positions.
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