Investing in the Most Important Things in Life, a Career Success Story

To get in shape, it can help your efforts to hire a personal trainer. When you’re a home buyer, you hire a real estate professional to find your dream home. When your child wants to get into the best colleges, you send him or her to a tutor to prepare for the SATs or ACTs.

You work with experts for the most important things in life, so it makes sense to work with a career coach when you’re looking for a new job.

That’s exactly what Robert Many did when he decided to work with GetFive.

His dedication to his job hunt and GetFive methodologies paid off. Today he is the vice president of enterprise sales at a company in the software, business process automation, and data capture industry.

How did he do it? He worked hard every day. He explored the various methodologies and found several to be particularly effective. For getting interviews, he discovered great success in networking and directly contacting people of interest. He also worked closely with a recruiter who was part of his network.

In addition to using the proven methodologies, he enjoyed his time with his small group. Small groups meet regularly to discuss progress, tackle problems, and support each other. Camaraderie of like-minded professionals can be an important part of the job search process, and small group provides the ideal support.

During small group, Many learned important things about himself while enhancing his job search. He found support and advice for building out his LinkedIn profile and refining his resume. Plus, the tips and techniques he learned about networking were priceless.

His GetFive small coach, Bill, quickly became a trusted confidant. The coach “helped me create a marketing plan, helped me clean up my resume, evaluated and provided feedback on my LinkedIn profile, and connected me with other [GetFive] alumni,” says Many.

After his success, what advice does he give to fellow job seekers?

“Follow the plan, do the work, stay positive, listen, and seek advice from your coach,” he says.

We agree! Using this advice while working with GetFive coaches is sure to be followed by success. Contact us today to get started!

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