Most Important Developments For HR For The Week Of February 23rd

The Feds are warning HR pros about three new scams targeting employees’ direct deposit, W-2, and I-9 information. HR receives emails that look legit from either C-suite execs or government agencies, asking for employee W-2 and I-9 information, or employees get emails claiming to be from HR asking them to turn over their direct deposit info. Combat these scams by verifying the actual email address, not just the display name, of the person who sent the email, and warning employees. HR Morning

Fortune released its annual list this week based on anonymous surveys of millions of employers worldwide, grading companies on values, innovation, financial growth, leadership effectiveness, maximizing human potential, and trust. What did most of the companies have in common? Employees who like coming to work, enjoy what they do, and like their co-workers. In short, their employees are happy. Are yours? Fortune 

The city of Austin just passed an ordinance allowing workers to accrue paid sick time to use for themselves or to care for a family member. What’s most significant about it is its definition of family: Anyone the employee says it is. In some cities with similar ordinances, the definition of family varies widely, leaving HR unsure whether to pay for the leave or not. Congress is now debating the issue with the Workflex in the 21st Century Act, which would replace city and local ordinances with one national policy. Brookings

The Workforce Institute recently surveyed 3,000 employees to get their thoughts about AI. Overall, people feel AI will streamline and improve their jobs, but there is some fear of the unknown out there, especially among younger workers. Bottom line: AI isn’t going anywhere, but certain jobs might. Employees need to know which jobs AI is likely to replace so they can retrain, upskill, or change careers. Workforce Institute

In the wake of recent high-profile sexual harassment cases, employers are taking a look at their policies about workplace romance. How to avoid harassment charges if the relationship goes south: Require both people to sign statements acknowledging their relationship is consensual, ban relationships between superiors and subordinates, and write a clear policy about workplace dating with expectations of behavior and consequences outlined. Newsfactor Business Report

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