The Most Important Developments in HR for the Week of December 8th

Google leads in the race to dominate artificial intelligence

COMMANDING the plot lines of Hollywood films, covers of magazines and reams of newsprint, the contest between artificial intelligence (AI) and mankind draws much attention. Doomsayers warn that AI could eradicate jobs, break laws and start wars. But such predictions concern the distant future. The competition today is not between humans and machines but among the world’s technology giants, which are investing feverishly to get a lead over each other in AI. The Economist

Educational Divide, Emerging White Underclass and Desperation

Economist Vijay K. Mathur discusses how the government has been derelict in providing sufficient support to Americans who need new skills, job training, and education to meet challenges of automation in the labor market. As such, he argues job uncertainty, income insecurity, and inadequate health care is creating anxiety, despair, and depression that’s hurting productivity. Huffington Post

Between a Rock and a Hard Place — Maximum Leave Policies and the ADA

Offers guidelines for cases in which an employee’s medical leave stems from a workplace injury and workers’ compensation laws are in effect. Warns that even a very generous maximum leave policy could violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, advising employer flexibility, careful communication with employees and HR training. National Law Review

Building a Diverse Workforce in a Small Business

Diversity of opinions and views in the workplace drives innovation, boosts creativity, helps secure market share, makes growth and recruitment more manageable, and helps limit turnover. But mandated diversity training doesn’t work; company leaders must instead evaluate and perhaps revamp hiring processes. Forbes

Building Behavioral Science Capability in Your Company

Offers tips for building an “embedded and sustained” behavioral science unit that benefits all departments within your organization; recommends establishing vision, parsing necessary resources and specialists, establishing early governance, etc. Harvard Business Review

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