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According to some studies, up to 85 percent of all American workers are unhappy in their jobs and feel they could be happier elsewhere.

But where? They rarely know.

After going through an evaluation or assessment process, however, many decide their present situation is not so bad after all. They realize they don’t need a major change, just a few tweaks here and there.

Assessments are helpful even if you don’t have that restless urge to change jobs.

They provide insight into how you operate and how to improve the situation where you are currently working, an invaluable tool for both our personal and professional lives.

Important Exercises

The exercises below can help you identify the satisfying and dissatisfying aspects of your job so you can better know which parts need to be changed and which parts need to remain the same.

The most important step here is the Seven Stories Exercise. The insights provided by the Seven Stories Exercise will serve as the primary source for your accomplishment statements, which will in turn serve as a template for selecting the right job and even help you interview better.

After you do these exercises, brainstorm a number of job targets. Then research each target to find out what the job possibilities are for someone like you.

We’ll guide you through the entire process.

For the free but copyrighted exercises that will help you find your purpose in life, click here.

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