Expert Tips for Finding a Remote Job Fast

March 11th, 2020

Dreaming of working from home? Technology has made it easier for telecommuters with more availability of work-from-home jobs than ever before. However, these positions are often highly coveted, which means you have plentiful competition. What’s more, there are a lot of telecommuting scams out there. So how can you separate the legit from the fake?

These tips for finding remote positions from the career coaches at GetFive will help give you an edge in your job hunt:

Refine Your Search Strategy:

On your preferred job search engine, use terms like “telecommute,” “telecommuting” or “work from home.” You should also try “completely distributed” or “distributed” to find organizations that don’t have a main office but have employees all over the country or world. Then pair with industry terms to customize your search so you cut out the junk to uncover the true telecommuting opportunities in your profession.

Use Focused Sites:

Some job search engines specialize in telecommuting jobs. FlexJobs is one leading example, but it does require a membership to access, unlike broader job search engines that are free. Remote OK is another option for telecommuting jobs with a focus in technology.

Sniff Out Scams:

There are minor but significant clues that a listing is a scam. Does the contact use a company email address or a personal one? Do they offer a phone number? Can you find the company’s website and does it look reputable? When in doubt, search Google for the company name along with the word “scam” and see what pops up.

Look Local:

It may seem counterintuitive to search for a remote job at a local company, but you may find higher levels of success with this strategy. Why? Sometimes companies are more comfortable hiring telecommuting positions if they know their employees are within driving distance. That means if there is an absolute necessity, you could come into the office for an emergency meeting without them having to pay for an expensive airline ticket and hotel stay.


Working from home successfully requires trust on both the employee and employer side. That’s why referrals are incredibly important. Tapping into your network to explore potential opportunities and then having a trusted contact who can serve as a reference for your character and quality of work can make a big difference.

Consider Freelance:

The gig economy is growing and many of those freelance positions are work-from-home opportunities. Is it time you break out on your own? Freelancing full-time can be a wonderful way to be your own boss and enjoy the high levels of work-life balance often associated with telecommuting. If you’re interested in making a smooth transition, consider working with an expert career coach for guidance.

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