Expert Job Search Advice for Introverts

Shy. Awkward. Dislikes people. Indifferent. Being an introvert comes with a lot of negative connotations.


Introversion is commonly misunderstood, particularly by those who are not introverts. Extroverts are energized by being busy with high-intensity activities. They thrive having a full professional and social calendar.

For introverts, these situations drain energy, rather than fuel it. While they might enjoy going out and about periodically, they really need time alone to rest and recharge. This alone time is nothing against others! It’s simply what they need to feel their best.

Now understanding the differences, it’s apparent why job hunting can take its toll on an introvert. Long phone calls, unexpected conversations, anxiety about interviews in new, unfamiliar places — it can suck all the energy an introvert can muster.

If you’re an introvert, you don’t have to dread the job search. With a few smart tips from the career coaches at GetFive, you’ll not only survive job hunting, but you’ll thrive throughout your career.

Prepare as much as possible

Not knowing what to expect is anxiety-inducing to many introverts. As for interview questions, practice makes perfect. Go over your pitch many times and know your resume perfectly. When it’s time for the actual interview, get the details in advance. The hiring manager should be able to tell you who you’ll be meeting and what you can expect. Are you interviewing one-on-one or with an entire panel? Will you be taking an office tour or going out on a sales call? Are you meeting the CEO? Knowing these types of variables will help you feel more comfortable with what’s to come.

Create deliberate recharge moments

Modern interviews can be hours long and include multiple meetings and activities. To keep energy levels up and mental stamina going, be intentional about taking mini breaks. For example, between activities, ask if you can take a five-minute break to visit the restroom. Use these moments to calm and collect yourself. It might not be much, but it can make a huge difference. Furthermore, on the day of an interview, don’t plan any big activities afterward. You’ll need the rest of the day to reboot for the next steps.

Ask questions to ensure a good fit

An interviewer is trying to learn more about you to ensure you’re a good fit for the job. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to also interview them to ensure the job is a good fit for you. There are many different types of introverts, and which jobs are best are highly dependent on each personality type. The only way to guarantee that the workplace environment and expectations are a match for you is to inquire. Ask about the culture, team interactions, how feedback is typically provided, office environment, etc. Don’t shy away from anything that might make or break the deal for you. Ask!

Being an introvert can be a wonderful trait throughout your career. Embrace who you are and find the right fit. Your success will follow.

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