Digital Workplace Trends Influence The Future of HR

September 30th, 2019

Individuals are typically fast to adapt to digital trends. You probably have one of the newest smartphones, don wearable electronics, and subscribe to the hippest digital streaming channels. However, organizations often adapt to innovation at a slower pace.

It’s true the digital workplace is growing considerably, it just takes much longer for companies to broadly adopt these types of transformations.

The recent 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report is a massive analysis of this topic, stating “Many [organizations] still retain industrial age structure and practices that are long outdated. Even slower moving are public policy issues, such as income inequality, unemployment, immigration, and trade.”

The digital workplace movement and its inevitable hurdles are providing a unique opportunity for HR leaders to shape change at the organizational level and potentially at a societal and public policy level, too. Understand the top digital trends found in the report so you can be a thought leader at your company.

The future of enterprise: Redesigning the organization is essential as companies become more digital. HR should maintain an active voice in any organizational changes resulting from going digital to ensure the company adapts quickly to a faster-paced workplace environment.

Career education: Today’s savvy professionals want career education opportunities. As the workplace goes more digital, companies should develop opportunities for continuous learning. For example, provide access to educational resources by mobile platform.

Talent acquisition: More than just the ATS, hiring managers must provide a convenient application process that is mobile-friendly. Embrace new talent acquisition technologies as they emerge, plus understand the importance of the emotional connection with candidates in order to bring in top talent.

The employee experience: HR will need to adopt numerous digital enhancements for employees that will strengthen the culture and employee experience. For example, pulse feedback tools, wellness and fitness apps, and integrated employee self-service tools.

Performance evaluation: It’s time to say goodbye to dated performance evaluations and think outside the box. From goal setting and evaluation to incentives and rewards, HR must look at performance evaluation with fresh eyes and align new methods with current business strategy.

Leadership shake-up: Traditional leadership roles are fading, with lines blurring across companies. The report states organizations do not just need more strong leaders, they need a completely different kind of leader, pointing to younger, more agile, and “digital-ready” professionals.

Digital HR: HR will have a significant role in shaping integration and adoption, so it’s important to be a positive voice for change. Be a champion for your people, workplace transformations, and game-changing technical platforms.

People analytics: Analytics is moving to business operations with new real-time data used to assess what is happening in the workplace. These new readily-accessible analytics will change every part of business operations, including influencing the way employees work.

Diversity and inclusion: HR has struggled with finding the right path between diversity goals and reality. Digital trends improve upon these goals through experiential learning, process change, data-driven tools, transparency, and accountability.

Augmented workforce: Automation technology and cognitive computing are reshaping the workforce. HR must embrace new tools while rethinking each person’s role in the organization. This also adds a new layer to retention strategy discussions.

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