Competing in the New York City Job Market

Everyone who’s tried it knows: landing a job in New York City can be tough. Though corporate profits are up and there are plenty of positions available in information technology, accounting, health care, and marketing, landing one of these positions can be a challenge.

So how can you get that competitive edge?

At GetFive we tell people to aim for a minimum of 200 positions in your respective target areas. Not just vacancies but jobs in which you can see yourself working and that are appropriate to your level. For example, if you are a CFO targeting another CFO or comparable position, you would need to target 200 companies since most companies have only one CFO. However, if you are a mid-level IT professional, one company could have 20 open positions at your level.

We like to say that if you strive for 200 opportunities, chances are you will get six to seven interviews, resulting in one job offer.

Your best route to finding these job opportunities is through networking and direct or targeted emails. Applying online to jobs (even those that meet the 200 positions criterion) is unlikely to get you to the right people at the right level to create those six to seven interviews.

It takes some effort and some determination, but if you stick to it, GetFive methodology will open doors that otherwise would have remained shut.

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