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No Longer Blue or White: New-Collar Jobs Offer New Opportunity

A record 6.2 million jobs are currently open, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So why are 7 million people in America unemployed? Traditionally in the United States there have been blue-collar jobs and white-collar jobs. However, technology has changed many aspects of work, and today things aren’t so blue and white. Many people are out…

An Interview with Michael Kerrigan of Interactive Brokers

Michael Kerrigan says he got into HR by accident. “Many years back, I was working as a payroll and tax specialist and was promoted to Payroll Manager,” he says. “HR was something I was interested in, and working in such close proximity, I learned a lot about HR processes.” However, it was difficult to transition…

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Making the Most Out of a Job Seeker’s Market

If you have any doubt it’s a job seeker’s market out there, the latest data from the number crunchers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics will put that to rest for you. In November, 3.4 million people in the U.S. quit their jobs. That’s a lot of people packing up their cubicles. Job openings for…

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A New Perspective on Work and Careers

Many baby boomers adhere to the old adage, “Don’t leave one job until you have another.” But this isn’t always true with the younger generation of workers. Many millennials and Gen Xers leave one job and pursue another because of long-term career goals, even if this means they must move home on an interim basis…

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Find the Work-Life Culture of Your Dreams

You’ve snagged an interview for a new position you think you might like. The job description seems like it was written just for you, and you can also see new challenges and opportunities for growth ahead. As a bonus, the commute won’t be too bad. Congratulations! Those are all important factors in whether you’ll ultimately be satisfied in a new position. But something crucial is left out: culture fit. People are talking a lot about culture these days, and with good reason. Whether your potential new workplace is a good fit for you is vital to your day-to-day well-being, happiness, and life balance…

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Member Success: Members Make Rewarding Career Transitions

Those who have lost positions in now-dwindling industries must reinvent themselves. As such, they face some of the greatest difficulties when it comes to finding a new career. Here’s where GetFive members have the advantage and can make use of dependable resources and invaluable support. Take, for example, Nancy. For 24 years Nancy worked in…

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A Fortunate Dilemma: Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers

Congratulations! While many job searchers may worry about securing one job offer, you ran an effective search and wound up with multiple. One of the biggest mistakes made by job searchers today is to go after only one opportunity, according to career experts at GetFive. But with many prospects in front of you, you’re more likely to find the right fit.

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Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

When job searching, it’s tempting to go it alone. However, it also can be a lonely journey with numerous roadblocks. You apply at many positions and you may interview at a few. If you don’t get a second interview or even an offer, you’re typically left with questions on top of frustration. And this frustration…

An Interview with Kellie Teal-Guess of CyrusOne

Would you get a tattoo of your company’s logo? At the Texas-based data center company CyrusOne, 120 of its 405 employees have chosen to do just that. Why? For Kellie Teal-Guess, executive vice president and Chief People Officer at CyrusOne, it’s all about culture. “We have something special going on at CyrusOne,” she says. “We’re…

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