8 Key Considerations Before Changing Careers

Your alarm goes off and you slowly stretch and blink your eyes open. You turn to the window to see the sun peeking out over the horizon as the birds chirp to greet the morning. You smile momentarily at the prospect of a new day, until it hits you like a sledgehammer. You have to go to work! You cringe and immediately throw the covers back over your head.

If you truly loathe your job, it might be time to consider a career change. Many professionals switch careers, but it’s not something to be done in haste. If you’re tempted to pursue a new passion, here are eight key considerations to ensure your career change is the right choice.

1. Conduct a deep self-assessment: Why do you want to leave your job? If it’s office politics or a career plateau, a complete change may not be the answer. However, if you’re continuously unhappy with your work and it has nothing to do with your company or co-workers, it could mean a new career is your answer.

2. Learn as much as you can about the new career: When researching a new career of interest, learn as much as you can before making any decisions. Explore work-life balance, typical advancement expectations, and what training you’ll need to get noticed in a new industry.

3. What are your transferable skills: What skills do you currently have that can transfer into your new career? What will you have to learn? Research what training you’ll need to gain (certifications, degrees, etc.) in order to make a career change successful.

4. Consider financial implications: Research the salary estimates for taking a new job. Not only do you have to understand if you’ll make more or less than you currently do, but you also need to estimate how much you need to invest into changing a career, such as training courses and new technology.

5. Explore paths to reaching goal: There may be different paths you can travel to successfully change careers. You’ll need to decide which makes the most sense for you. Will you need to switch companies or move to a new city? If so, which companies do you want to work for? Or, would your current employer be supportive of a career change? Can you talk to your boss or HR about your desires?

6. Assess the marketplace: You can be insanely passionate about a certain career, but if there’s no jobs available your career change will fail. Research the employment marketplace today and in the long-term.

7. How will this affect loved ones: Taking on a new career has complex implications that will affect more than you. Ask yourself how this change will affect your family and friends. Are they supportive of your decision? Remember, having a strong support system helps ensure success.

8. Work with a career coach: Because a career change is such an important decision, it’s worthwhile to work with a career coach from GetFive who can provide insight and expertise to support your journey. From navigating a new industry to creating a 15-Year Vision, a career coach is a secret weapon to help ensure career-change success.

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