Dwindling motivation, sleepless nights, frustration and stress: this sounds like your average job search, right? When you’re unsure about the next step in your career, it’s easy to let your job search get out of hand. But if you want to corral your anxiety and land the job of your dreams, you’ll need to work the system.

Whether you’re employed or unemployed, the system is all about becoming aware of market conditions and knowing what you have to offer. Don’t let the pressure of finding a new job get to you. Start your search systematically and you’ll increase your chances of getting the job you want more quickly.

Select your target

Define your target job market by geographic area, industry, company size and job function. Then conduct your search based on that market. Job hunting seems to have endless steps involving cover letters, resumes, networking and follow-ups, but don’t get lost in the details. Remember to always bring your focus back to your target market.

Take your time

Some job searches take only a month or two, while others can last up to six months or more. But each search is different. While you might feel the pressure to land the first job you interview for, it’s okay to take your time. You may not be clear yet about what you want. Or, what you want may not be realistic. If you are clear, there may not be any immediate openings. Remind yourself that finding the right fit often means waiting.

Always be on the hunt

Job searching is no longer something that happens when you’re unemployed or you simply want to change jobs. Even if you’re in a position you enjoy, it’s important to stay sharp. A time for change will come and you need to be ready. Keep your resume up to date and handy, and always be thinking about your next move.

No matter where you are in your career, GetFive encourages you to stay focused and informed. When the time comes to start your job search, you’ll be more than ready to take on your target market.





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