Connecting Your Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Pitch

What do your resume, LinkedIn profile, and professional pitch have in common? Well, each of these items are crucial snapshots of your skills, experience, and career, and therefore are vital tools to use when you’re on the job search. By emphasizing your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and experiences, it allows you to position yourself when it comes to job interviews and informational meetings.

In the digital era, LinkedIn has become a fundamental way for professionals to connect and network. To make sure everything is in alignment, your profile should be consistent with the summary section at the top of your resume and the core summary of your professional pitch. Above all, avoid the mistake of posting your entire resume in your profile.

When using your LinkedIn profile to connect with other professionals, your pitch helps to engage them in an active dialogue during your first meeting, whether it’s a job interview or informational meeting. After you give your pitch, be prepared to ask questions and offer any information that may be helpful to them. Provide tangible evidence of your achievements, how you work, and the value you bring to an organization.

When done correctly, the interplay between your resume, profile, and pitch is truly powerful. LinkedIn is an exceptional way to build contacts and develop your network, but it’s your pitch that really does the work of introducing yourself to those contacts, which can lead to new and exciting opportunities.

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