In today’s job market, it’s very common for people to be on the job hunt for months at a time.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel your morale slip. At GetFive, we know how important perseverance and a positive attitude are to a successful job hunt. To help get you through this difficult period, here are nine tips to help you stay motivated.

1. Do more:
Understandably, some unemployed people do nothing but trudge away unsuccessfully at their job search. Don’t get stuck in this rut! Get out there and volunteer, join associations, and earn money through alternative methods until you find something permanent.

2. Expand your targets:
If you have been looking only in your major metropolitan area, trying looking in the suburbs or vice versa. Don’t be afraid to explore different aspects of your trade or different-sized companies instead of only what you’re used to.

3. Switch up your techniques:
Don’t confine yourself to job postings and websites, get out there and make direct contact with people. 35% of job hunters at GetFive get meetings by contacting companies directly. Learn the names of the department heads at the company and try to set up a meeting, even if there are no openings.

4. Be flexible with salary:
Expect to be paid what is fair, based upon your trade and the job market for such a position at the time.

5. This is temporary:
Keep in mind that finding the right job can take time. Don’t let this fact drain your confidence or motivation. Maintain a positive attitude, use the right methods, and eventually things will turn around.

6. Keep positive people in your life:
Spending significant time with people who are depressed, unemployed, or those who constantly complain about “how bad it is out there” can be detrimental when trying to stay positive about your own search. GetFive members who are job hunting learn to keep a positive attitude, measure the effectiveness of their searches, and keep on plugging. Of course, they also have a career coach to guide them through the process.

7. Remember, job-hunting is now your job:
As with any job, some days you won’t feel like doing it, but you must. Make a phone call, write a proposal, research a company, and eventually you’ll find the job you are meant to have.

8. Find a job-search partner:
Attending small groups and connecting with people in a similar situation can provide some much needed morale support. It’s a great way to learn new techniques, share ideas and network.

9. Take care of yourself:
Being unemployed is no excuse to let your health deteriorate. Set aside time to relax and have fun. Exercise regularly, eat right, and enjoy the free time you didn’t have while working.

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