Could a Tough Job Interview Mean You’ll Like the Job More?

December 13th, 2022

The tough interview questions that leave you stumped. The lengthy meetings with multiple teams of people. Four, five or even more rounds of interviews, and still no offer. Will the madness ever stop?!

Interviewing today can be a bear. A candidate invests a lot of time and energy into the process and it can feel like too much. Fortunately, new research shows that these challenging job interviews can actually be a good thing because, ultimately, you’ll enjoy your job more.

According to a Glassdoor study, more challenging job interviews are linked to higher employee satisfaction.

Noteworthy findings include:

  • More difficult job interviews are statistically linked to higher employee satisfaction across the six countries examined: U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.
  • Overall, a 10 percent more difficult job interview process is associated with 2.6 percent higher employee satisfaction later on.

Therefore the extra effort now can make a difference down the road in how much you like your job. Even so, complicated interviews can test the patience of even the most calm professionals.


To get through the process, keep these tips in mind:

Keep calm and carry on:

Long days and lengthy wait periods are trying. It’s important to be patient and maintain perspective. If they’re still interviewing you, they’re still interested in you. Keep your eyes on the prize! Remember, each interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about the job and the organization, so you too can ensure a good fit.

Form a support network:

When times get tough, support can make a world of difference. Schedule a meal with family. Plan a movie date with friends. Set up coffee with your mentor. Email your GetFive career coach. Whether you reach out with questions or just to vent, your support network can help you stay confident and optimistic.

Take your time:

It’s your third round of interviews and you’re getting pummeled with brain teasers that catch you off guard. It’s important to take your time and never rush, particularly on difficult questions. After a question is asked, take a breath before answering. This gives you a moment to collect yourself, set the pace and direct your answer appropriately.

Stay in the loop:

One of the most frustrating aspects of difficult interviews is being unsure about the next steps. Will there be additional interviews? When will you hear back? Will they make an offer next week or next month? Ask questions about next steps so you’re not left wondering. The more info you have on timelines, the better you’ll feel.

With each passing day, you could be that much closer to closing the deal and hearing “you’re hired.” Remember that complicated interviews will likely mean you’ll like the job more, and who doesn’t want higher job satisfaction?

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