Top Online Job Boards to Help You Find Your Dream Job

The unemployed aren’t the only folks looking for a job. In fact, three in four full-time workers are open to or actively looking for a new job, according to CareerBuilder.
If you’re one of them, you probably use job boards to find employment listings, but are you using the right ones?

While job boards are a critical tool in any job search, there are so many options it can make your head spin. The big ones are often easy to use, but they have lots of applicant competition and less specialization. In addition to the Monsters of the world, here are some of the top job boards you should consider using:

For government positions:
If you’re interested in working in some capacity for the government, you must visit USAJOBS. With thousands of job opportunities across hundreds of federal agencies and organizations, it’s the simplest way to cut through the clutter and find the openings you want.

The freelancers friend:
Are you looking for freelance work? Whether you’re going full-time as a freelancer or you just want to supplement your income, there are some great sites for finding work and building your client base. Try UpWork; whether you’re a web developer, creative writer or sales expert, there are jobs waiting here for you.

The tech guru’s go-to:
The demand for technology professionals continues to boom, so it makes sense to use a tech-focused job search engine if you’re on the hunt for a new techy career. Dice is the biggie, but CrunchBoard is another strong contender in this niche category.

The health-care hot spot:
If you want a new job in health care, look to Healthcare Jobsite for more than 500,000 health-care jobs nationwide. While there, you can build a career portfolio that will help you get noticed online.

For the salesy set:
Sure, there are thousands upon thousands of sales jobs, but you don’t want just a job — you want the right job. If you’re a sales professional, look to Salesgravy for job openings in your area of expertise.

The retailer’s special:
Whether you’re looking for seasonal employment or you are an expert in the retail space, AllRetailJobs is a great source for you. Search for jobs by location, hourly pay, management classifications, and much more.

For all things creative:
If you are in one of the creative professions, it can feel difficult to wade through job listings that don’t fit your skill set. Time for a new strategy: Visit Coroflot. Design-driven companies around the globe use this site to discover creative talent like you.

An alternative to the big names:
LinkUp‘s goal is to solve some of the most frustrating problems you have with the industry behemoths. For example, when you apply to a job on LinkUp, you’re sent directly to the company’s site — no middle man or outdated job posts. There are no hoaxes, schemes or scams, so you can feel confident when you apply.

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