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Thinking of Starting a Business? Start With The Seven Stories Exercise®


Roughly 15 percent of the people who come to GetFive seeking career guidance and coaching end up starting their own businesses or become consultants. This is due to the fact they have taken the time to review their career path and future goals via GetFive’s Seven Stories Exercise® and have completed the Forty-Year Vision®, all apart of the 5-Step Method.

These exercises are both forward-looking and reflective. They are designed to make you dive deep, review your career direction and help you to develop a vision for your future. Completing these exercises has prompted people to develop goals and take charge of their life, often leading them in an entrepreneurial direction.

What To Do When You Grow Up

Clients often come to GetFive with the results of personality tests and counseling services. While these may have helped clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, these psychological tests don’t help as much in career planning, leaving many wondering what they want to do with their lives.

The Seven Stories Exercise® provides deeper, richer insights. Throughout its simple steps, you spend time thinking about the threads that run through your stories and you mine information that will help you to decide what you need to be happy and successful in a job.

The Forty-Year Vision® was developed to give you the perspective you need to dream big dreams. It doesn’t provide an exact blueprint for where you should go and what you should do, but having a vision for your future often gets rid of the clutter and provides the realistic outlook you need to achieve your dreams.

Developing a Vision

“Fundamental questions such as, “What do I enjoy most and what do I do best?” are at the heart of these exercises.

Developing your vision takes time, especially your Forty-Year Vision®. It begins by writing out your best-case scenario — five or ten years at a time. You must write and take yourself seriously, however, or nothing will happen. Reconsider what you want and decide to chase after it.

What you are doing is writing the script for the life you want to live and the career you want to lead. It takes dedication and hard work, but the refreshed sense of purpose that results from this effort often empowers people to set off on their own and start their own business.

So if you feel like you have an entrepreneurial spirit that is ready to be unleashed, take the time to work through GetFive’s Seven Stories Exercise® and write out a Forty-Year Vision®. You may be surprised at what you can do!

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