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Eye-Opening Facts You Must Know About Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Job hunters and applicant tracking systems are like vinegar and oil. The two can feel like they’re almost impossible to mix together.

However, with a bit of vigorous shaking, that vinegar and oil can become a nice salad dressing. To shake up a stalled job search, it’s time to stop believing an ATS is your enemy and start understanding how they work so you can use them to your advantage. Getting the facts is a great place to start.

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A Strong Resume Starts with a Summary Statement

Are you feeling stuck in your current position? It’s time to reposition your resume so you can find the job you want. Whether you’re an accountant who wants to go into sales or an operations manager who dreams of being a personal trainer, you face the same challenge: convincing people that, even without the experience, you can handle the new position. Here’s how to position yourself for the job you want, even if you’ve been typecast in the same role for years:

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What Your Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Two-Minute Pitch Have in Common

Your resume, LinkedIn profile and two-minute pitch are all important tools to use when you’re on the job search. Each element allows you to position yourself when it comes to job interviews and informational meetings. They emphasize your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and experiences developed over your career in various ways, illustrate your success, and relate…

3 Times When Simplicity Can Help Make Your Job Search More Effective

A job search is a naturally complex endeavor. Completing assessment exercises, brainstorming targets, identifying the search phase you’re currently in, strategizing for interviews — you have a lot to juggle when you’re looking for a job. However, it pays to simplify in some key areas, otherwise prospective employers may have a hard time understanding who you really are professionally and what you might bring to the table.

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5 Golden Rules for Explaining Gaps of Employment on Your Resume

You’ve got a stellar resume, great references and a list of skills a mile long. Unfortunately, you also have an employment gap that feels miles wide. How can you mind the gap and still keep prospective employers interested? Whether you were laid off, took a sabbatical or stayed home to care for family, follow these five time-tested rules for explaining employment gaps.

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‘So Tell Me About Yourself’ — Influencing Interviewers with Your Two-Minute Pitch

When you’re looking for a job, your personal branding is critical and it should be consistent across everything you do — from your reisolated young business man with positive attitude convincing with handssume and networking interviews, to cover letters and actual employment interviews. Members of The Five O’Clock Club refine and convey their personal brand through a “Two-Minute Pitch” that’s the backbone of everything they do. Developing one for yourself ensures you’ll be ready to respond intelligently when someone says “So tell me about yourself.”