Handling Conflict at Work

In Greek the word utopia literally means no place. For us it means paradise, a place of bliss and peace, but the irony was probably intended: there is no place without worries, problems and conflict. So, in this life no one has discovered or established utopia. Escaping conflict is not an option. We have all…

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Last week, my daughter Marisa announced to my wife Lori and me that she was giving notice to resign her position as a speech and language pathologist at a private New Jersey school for children with learning disabilities. Now, my wife and I are of the baby boomer generation, and still of that era where the old adage of “don’t leave one job until you have another” drives our work ethic, so we were certainly concerned that Marisa was making the right career move, not the least of which included thoughts of her giving up a good salary and the prospect of returning home until she lands another position.

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