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5 Tips for Gaining Your Family’s Support Before Starting a Job Search

When you’re a ship captain, there are a lot of things you must do before you embark on the open sea. Besides preparing the ship and stockpiling supplies, you need a crew that will support you through anything that happens during the voyage. Whether you’re facing tepid waters or terrifying storms, that crew will make sure you reach your destination.

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How to Transform Military Experience for Your Resume

Working in the military provides many unique experiences that enhance your skill set, but it’s often specific to the branch of military where you work. When it’s time to transition into the civilian world, it might seem impossible to translate these experiences to catch the eye of a hiring manager. With a little effort you can…

10 Rules for Using Social Media to Get a Job

You probably use social media often in your personal life, but it’s valuable for advancing your professional life as well. The majority of recruiters and hiring managers use social media in some manner to find and evaluate candidates. This means it’s an incredibly useful tool for job seekers, but it must be used correctly. Here…

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Benefits of Having a Job Search Partner

It’s easier to reach your goals when you work with another person. Think about it: If you want to commit to a workout routine it’s easier if you have a partner, same if you want to start a business. There are countless other examples. Even for introverts, going at it alone just isn’t as effective…

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Job Searching Over 50: Common Mistakes to Avoid

So many job hunting advice columns focus on those just out of college or professionals only a few years into their career. What if your years are a little more “golden” than that? Finding a new job at 50, 60, or older can seem challenging. There are many unique considerations that lead to common pitfalls. If…

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Updated Job Search Tips for New Graduates

  This year millions of college graduates donned a cap and gown and reached out on that stage for the diploma they’ve worked so hard to earn. Now comes the real adventure: getting a job in their chosen profession. Of course, before the job comes the job search. Well-meaning friends, parents, and relatives are all ready…

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Resume Insight: Process- vs. Project-Oriented Accomplishments

Being able to list your accomplishments in a compelling and memorable way on your resume is an important part of catching a hiring manager’s eye. However, this is often easier said than done. Accomplishment statements are short, measurable, and results-focused. Start by writing down your most recent position. State your title and your company name, and list…

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10 Stress-Busters to Help You Sail Through Your Job Search

Money woes. A sense of rejection. Questions and pressure from family and friends. An uncertain future. If you’ve recently (or not so recently) lost your job, you know this dismal laundry list all too well. Attitude counts for a lot more than you might think. It’s important to stay positive and follow these suggestions from GetFive:…

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3 Questions You Must Ask If You Get Fired or Laid Off

It’s a company merger and a warning of upcoming layoffs. It’s that unexpected request for a meeting in your boss’s office. It’s entering a room and having the HR director ask you to sit down. Gulp. No one wants to be in the position of losing their job, but if you find yourself there, it’s important to…

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