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Beating the Bots: 9 Resume Do’s and Don’ts For Getting Past the ATS

ATS refers to applicant tracking system and is the technology that most human resource departments use to manage the hiring process. While it can be time-saving and cost effective for companies, it can be the bane of existence for job seekers. It also beats hearing “I’ll keep your resume on file.“ Consider this: You have the perfect…

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6 Proven Methods to Help You Land a Job

Maybe you live in a region where hiring appears to have plateaued. Maybe you’re in an industry where growth is slow. Maybe it just feels like you’re unlucky. No matter the cards stacked against you, a new job can be part of your future when you follow these six methods for finding employment. 1.Have a…

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5 Steps for Answering Difficult Interview Questions With Ease

You’re interviewing for a job you’re really excited about. You’ve researched the company’s history and products, and prepared answers to all the typical interview questions. After you sit down with the hiring manager, you’re hit with an unexpected question that stops you dead in your tracks. What do you do next? Preparing for an interview is…

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Transitioning in an Industry in Transition

When Lauren was laid off from her position at a prominent news magazine, she came up against a major job search obstacle: her age. Striving for a fresh start while others her age were preparing for retirement was a unique challenge. To raise the hurdle that much higher, Lauren was targeting the publishing industry, which continues to…

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5 Job-Seeking Rules You Should Break Every Time

Some advice is obviously good: “Buy low, sell high.” “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” “Don’t use raw eggs when you first take up juggling.” Some job-seeking advice is also obviously good: “Network to build connections and relationships.” “Never sell yourself short.” However, there’s also a lot of really bad job advice…

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The Truth About Holiday Hiring: Why and How to Kick Your Search Into High Gear

As we wind down the last few weeks of 2017, it’s easy for job hunters to feel a sense of anxiety and succumb to gloom and doom. At GetFive, we remind our members that there are good reasons to stay positive, even in the most difficult of times. If you are ready to give up…

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How to Get a Job When You’re Over 50

Losing your job is hard, but if you’re an older worker, it’s even harder to get back into the workforce. But despite difficulties, Renée Rosenberg, Career Coach with GetFive and author of Achieving the Good Life After 50, says her clients are getting jobs. In fact, she thinks prospects are looking up for older workers….

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How To Squash Your Job Search Stress

  It’s easy to let stress get the best of you when you’re on the job hunt. On top of worrying about cover letters, resumes and networking, you have finances and a future to think about. But if you let stress take over, it can hinder your interview performance, ability to negotiate and even cause…

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