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9 Simple Solutions to Common Unemployment Problems

In today’s job market, it’s very common for people to be on the job hunt for months at a time.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel your morale slip. At GetFive, we know how important perseverance and a positive attitude are to a successful job hunt. To help get you through this difficult period, here are nine tips to help you stay motivated.

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Eye-Opening Facts You Must Know About Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Job hunters and applicant tracking systems are like vinegar and oil. The two can feel like they’re almost impossible to mix together.

However, with a bit of vigorous shaking, that vinegar and oil can become a nice salad dressing. To shake up a stalled job search, it’s time to stop believing an ATS is your enemy and start understanding how they work so you can use them to your advantage. Getting the facts is a great place to start.

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Beating the Bots: 9 Resume Do’s and Don’ts For Getting Past the ATS

ATS refers to applicant tracking system and is the technology that most human resource departments use to manage the hiring process. While it can be time-saving and cost effective for companies, it can be the bane of existence for job seekers. It also beats hearing “I’ll keep your resume on file.“ Consider this: You have the perfect…

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6 Tips to Stand Out When Applying for a Nonprofit Job

Thinking of setting your sights on the nonprofit sector? Working for a charity can be a very gratifying and wonderful way to maximize your professional talent. In general, nonprofit organizations look for many of the same skills for-profit businesses do, but that doesn’t mean your resume, cover letter and into Standout interview answers should be exactly the same for each. There are subtle adjustments you can make to help you stand out against the competition…

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5 Job-Seeking Rules You Should Break Every Time

Some advice is obviously good: “Buy low, sell high.” “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” “Don’t use raw eggs when you first take up juggling.” Some job-seeking advice is also obviously good: “Network to build connections and relationships.” “Never sell yourself short.” However, there’s also a lot of really bad job advice…

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How Social Media Contacts Can Aid Your Job Hunt

In the past, social media was more known for entertainment purposes and sharing news. But now these platforms, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, are increasingly recognized as important career tools for both job seekers and job recruiters. 92 percent of recruiters have hired people through LinkedIn, the company reports, while 24 percent have used Facebook and…

3 Common Executive-Level Job Search Mistakes

  C-level job seekers are unlike any other demographic. Once you hit an executive level, your job hunting landscape changes, and with it, you face unique challenges. What’s more, executives may have more at stake when they make mistakes, so one misstep could have dire consequences. However, many of the best practices for your average-Joe job seeker still…

How LinkedIn and The TFC Method Work Hand in Hand

By Chip Conlin, GetFive Certified Coach Before the introduction of social networking sites and apps, job seekers relied on friends, family and colleagues for referrals and networking opportunities. But the rise of LinkedIn adds a new dimension to your job search, accelerating you toward that perfect position. GetFive method teaches that networking and direct contact…

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The Solutions to 4 Common Job Search Problems

Networking, social networking, cover letters, resumes, applications … it often seems like the lists of job-search tasks will never end. And with so many pieces to the puzzle, it’s easy to overlook something or skip an important step, causing a problem in your search. If you’re struggling to land that perfect job, GetFive identifies some…

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5 Ways to Use Technology in Your Job Search

These days, technology is everywhere. From smartphones to social networks, there’s no escaping it. Technology can also be a job hunter’s best friend, but only if you use it correctly. The way you use technology shows your skills, style and manners to future employers. The Five O’Clock Club offers their tips on when and how to use your devices to enhance your job search:

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