Job Search After 50

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Don't Be a Victim of Ageism

There is no question ageism exists.

Millions of highly skilled, competent people who are over 50, 60, even over 70, would love to get out there and put their experience and know-how to work, but can’t.

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Job Searching Over 50: Common Mistakes to Avoid

So many job hunting advice columns focus on those just out of college or professionals only a few years into their career. What if your years are a little more "golden" than that? Finding a new job at 50, 60, or older can seem challenging. There are many unique considerations that lead to common pitfalls. If...

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7 Simple Mistakes That 'Age' You on Your Job Search

Job searching over age 50 can be a wonderful opportunity to find your calling and renew your passions. It also can come with some unique challenges. Although age discrimination is illegal, mature job hunters know that it's difficult to compete with younger professionals at times. What can you do to overcome these challenges? Successful job...

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Unretiring: Tips for Returning to the Workforce

According to a 2017 Rand Corp. study, 39 percent of Americans 65 and older who are currently employed had previously retired. It's not necessarily because they need money; they missed the challenges, feeling of accomplishment, and camaraderie that come from the workplace environment. If you're retired but miss working, clearly you're not alone. Reentering the workforce...

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Perception Is Not Always Reality: Older Workers Have a Lot to Offer

There is a widespread perception among job hunters that companies are only interested in hiring young people who they can pay less than more senior applicants. In many of GetFive's small-group strategy sessions, our more senior-level members point to three main reasons they think employers are passing them over for younger but less experienced professionals: They...

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Pest or Pro: A Quiz to Help You Master the Art of the Post-Interview Follow-Up

Who doesn’t like hearing “thanks?” Virtually, everyone – including hiring managers – appreciate expressions of gratitude. In one survey, 91 percent of hiring managers polled said they liked it when job candidates sent some message of gratitude after an interview. [1]But everyone knows there’s a fine line between looking like a true professional and coming...