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How to Find a Job When You’re Relocating

New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, or Washington, D.C.? Relocating to these cities — or anywhere else in the country — can make for an exciting opportunity. You’ll have the chance to live a new lifestyle, move into a new house, make new friends and enjoy new experiences.But to make the most of your new location,…

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9 Simple Solutions to Common Unemployment Problems

In today’s job market, it’s very common for people to be on the job hunt for months at a time.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel your morale slip. At GetFive, we know how important perseverance and a positive attitude are to a successful job hunt. To help get you through this difficult period, here are nine tips to help you stay motivated.

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4 Simple Steps to Tell if You’re Right for the Job

Say you apply for a job and you’re ecstatic because you meet every single required qualification. You go through three rounds of interviews and are feeling pretty good about things. Then you get the rejection letter: “Thank you for your time, but we’ve selected another candidate who we felt was a better fit.”

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The Truth About Holiday Hiring: Why and How to Kick Your Search Into High Gear

As we wind down the last few weeks of 2017, it’s easy for job hunters to feel a sense of anxiety and succumb to gloom and doom. At GetFive, we remind our members that there are good reasons to stay positive, even in the most difficult of times. If you are ready to give up…

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How Spot Opportunities Can Advance Your Career

  Spot opportunities can be the secret weapon in your job search. A spot opportunity indicates change is occurring in your company or industry, and your proactive efforts can put your career on the fast track to greatness. Here are several examples of spot opportunities: News that a company will go public. Part of the…

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6 Ways to Debunk the “No One’s Hiring” Myth

No one claims looking for a job is easy. It requires a lot of work, and most of the time it might seem like you’re stuck in a dead end, going nowhere. It’s easy to despair in these situations and think the entire process is random. But it isn’t. GetFive method, in fact, brings structure…

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Taking Your Cues From Others

Whatever the economic situation — whether the stock market is climbing or falling, companies are hiring, or the economy is slumping — one thing is certain: members of GetFive learn from one another. By taking their cues from TFC members who have tested the job market, landed interviews and even new jobs, other members become successful…

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How to Network During Your Job Search

We all know networking is an important part of conducting a job search. You can informally network by talking to family, friends and acquaintances who may know something about the area you’re targeting. Doing so provides a way to find out what skills are needed where, what jobs may be opening up, and where you might be…

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Expand Your Opportunities with a Green Career

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a conversation about sustainability and living well, but it isn’t just a trend. There is abundant scientific evidence that humanity is living unsustainably, compromising the well-being of the natural world. As awareness of this fact grows, career options in the sustainability field will continue to increase. If you’re…

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The Solutions to 4 Common Job Search Problems

Networking, social networking, cover letters, resumes, applications … it often seems like the lists of job-search tasks will never end. And with so many pieces to the puzzle, it’s easy to overlook something or skip an important step, causing a problem in your search. If you’re struggling to land that perfect job, GetFive identifies some…

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7 Email Tips to Land the Interview or Meeting

You may spend hours agonizing over sending one email to ask for a job interview, but the reality is that it might get lost in a jam-packed inbox. On average, working professionals send and receive 125 emails every day. That’s a lot of noise to break through, especially when you’re trying to stand out and secure a job opportunity or interview.

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