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How to Ace Your Job Interview

Don’t play it cool. During a job interview, you have to show you’re excited about the job. A lot of job seekers forget that one of the most crucial parts of interviewing is convincing the hiring manager that they really want the job. Companies aren’t just looking for applicants who have the requisite skills and…

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Best-Kept Secret: 14 Tips For Keeping Your Job Search Under Wraps

If you’re employed but dedicating part of your time to seeking a new position, maybe your motto should be: “Loose lips sink ships.”   That’s because it’s perfectly legal for your employer to fire you on the grounds that you’re looking for a new job — whether or not your search is conducted during working hours. Such dismissals are…

Is the Traditional Job Interview Dying Off?

Despite how much industries have evolved and personnel responsibilities have changed, the job interview process has gone relatively untouched for decades. Are things about to change? You have a phone interview. Then you have a few face-to-face interviews. You’re asked about your strengths, weaknesses, etc. Some companies try to get creative with “tricky” questions, but…