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A Strong Resume Starts with a Summary Statement

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Are you feeling stuck in your current position? It’s time to reposition your resume so you can find the job you want. Whether you’re an accountant who wants to go into sales or an operations manager who dreams of being a personal trainer, you face the same challenge: convincing people that, even without the experience, you can handle the new position.

Here’s how to position yourself for the job you want, even if you’ve been typecast in the same role for years:

A Little About Positioning

Positioning yourself means stating your skills and qualities in a way that makes it easy for prospective employers to see you filling an open position.

  1. Determine the skills and qualities your prospective employer wants.
  2. Search your background to see where you demonstrated those skills and qualities.
  3. Write a summary at the top of your resume to position yourself.
  4. Use the same summary to sell yourself in an interview.

Your summary says it all: it should sell your ability, experience and personality while bringing together your accomplishments. The rest of your resume should support and expand on your summary. Having a summary brings focus to your job hunt. It gives you the control to tell your story in a way that pertains to the job you hope to get.

Writing Your Resume

The first two words on your resume should position you for the job you want next, like “Accounting Manager” or “Communications Director.” The second line should separate you from all the other accounting managers and communications directors. For example, “Specializing in the publishing industry.” Keep in mind who you are pitching. Tell the hiring manager the most important facts about you and how those facts will be an asset once you’re hired.

If you’re feeling stuck in your career, re-positioning your resume is your first step to the way out. Spend time crafting your summary and pitch to focus your job search and ultimately land you your dream job. Contact GetFive for additional resume help and guidance on landing your dream job.



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