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The Power of Direct Contact and Networking

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When job seekers first contact GetFive, one of the most frequent questions we hear is, “How do I upgrade my current resume?” Many people who are beginning their job search believe a polished, professional resume is the only thing that stands between them and their next position.

A professional resume is certainly a crucial part of the job-search process, but it is just one of many tools.

The trick is getting that resume into the right hands. That’s why GetFive’s methodology concentrates on the best ways to connect with the right people.

A successful job hunter needs to be able to promote themselves through direct contact and networking meetings, and turn job interviews into offers.

Direct Contact and Networking

So, what is meant by direct contact?

Through the direct contact approach, a job seeker first researches an organization in his or her target area, identifies influential people within the organization, and reaches out to those individuals through targeted letters, phone calls, and even walk-ins.

The other key strategy is networking. Though often misunderstood to mean any kind of activity involving reaching out and making contact with people to get job leads, true networking actually means meeting with someone through one of your contacts.

There are great networking opportunities for our members every week at our small-group strategy sessions. People looking for a job in one industry or interviewing with one company may find that a fellow GetFive member worked in that industry or has contacts at the company they are interested in. These conversations can lead to valuable contacts and ultimately, to an interview.

That’s the power of networking, and the power of the small group.

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