Become One of the New Professionals

Many companies that are actively hiring are realizing there is a shortage of what is termed the new “skilled professionals.” That is, there is a shortage of people with the skills needed to perform many of today’s new jobs.

Well-qualified job hunters with many years of work experience now need to keep pace with our new “skilled professionals” by learning new skills and adapting to new ways of working. Experience is not enough. The challenge for job hunters is to prepare and adapt to positions that have become technologically more complex.

At GetFive, we encourage members to keep current by attending professional association meetings, volunteering to work in a new, more technically challenging environment, and to “hang out” with people you might want to work with.

Based on recent job hunters’ experiences, we also know that more companies are hiring on a contractual basis. When the project is complete you move on to another assignment. Members who land consulting assignments report on their success because it is one of the new directions the world of work is taking, and requires some adjustment.

In light of these new realities, it will become incumbent on all of us to look work differently, and realize where our strengths, skills, and accomplishments can best be utilized. This will give us the flexibility to keep pace with those new “skilled professionals.” They are, after all, the competition!

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